Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plus Fours!

After re-reading this post over at The Painted Woman, I was inspired to watch one of my favorite movies, Cold Comfort Farm, again. The movie is wonderful, and the early 1930s clothes are amazing. I know next to nothing about screencaps, and in addition to the one referenced above, I know of at least two very nice blog posts with this film as their subjects: this post from the Vintage Baroness, and this one from Penny Dreadful Vintage, so check them out to see more lovely outfits from the movie.

While watching this scene,

I thought about how much I would love to have a pair of these wonderful plus fours in which to, you know, relax on a hillside. I was just getting ready to attempt to create a pattern for them, when lo and behold, what do I come across on ebay but this pattern:

It is now on its way to my house. Obviously, I will need to make a few alterations to transform the *lovely* '70s styling into '30s styling, but still; hooray! My mother convinces me to go camping, one of my least favorite activities (the appeal of freezing to death on the rock-hard ground while waiting for a wild animal to attack just seems to escape me), once a year for her birthday. Wouldn't these be perfect? Now if I only had time to make a vest to match...


  1. ooh, how adventurous! I look atrocrious in these (I already have wide hips), but they could work for a darling lady golfer ensemble as well!!

  2. What a fabulous idea! Unfortunately, I am hopeless at golfing, although having the correct outfit might be a good enough reason to spend time at the links! I hope you don't mind me referencing your lovely blog; I'm new at this and not very familiar with blog etiquette!

  3. Whatever Abigail, you are a lovely putt putter. I want a pair!

  4. Oh please, feel free to reference my blog any time!! Most of my motivation to get out and play golf with my extremely expert golf obsessed husband is related to thoughts of what cute outfits I could wear ;)

  5. Do you think it possible to have the details of this pattern? It is simply wonderful. I have been looking all over the internet in search of a plus fours pattern, but so far have come up empty handed. I would like to see if I could fine another of these. Thanks.